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We are always honored to cooperate with an international successful superstars. We were pleasured this time as well, when we had a chance to cooperate with an incredible singer – Ewa Farna at her 10th anniversary concert.

The very expected concert of a huge size took place on November 11th in Prague and it was a really breathtaking and emotional performance. So, if you wonder how this unique show was created and wish to look to the background of preparations, you should read further. You will see how hard and responsibly were dancers, choreographers, supervisors and costume designers working to create such an unforgettable show.

unspecified-1All the preparations for Ewa’s megaconcert have started a long time ahead of the show itself. First of all, the most important were artists and their choreographies, which were created by an amazing dancer and choreographer, Gabika Vengrinovičova.. She created an original, tailor-made choreographies to Ewa’s top hits of the decade. All artists had been practicing for weeks till they met Ewa personally. They had met her only a few days before a concert itself and by their own words, they really enjoyed every training with her. At least you can see their smiles and happy faces at the picture below.


Costume expectations for Ewa’s concert were, to keep it rock & sexy in black, silver and blue colors, due to Ewa’s costumes. The costumes designers did their best to prepare the costumes for dancers, for acrobat Lucia Štulrajterová hanging on cube and for artists dancing galanty. At the concert by Ewa’s and some other famous guest artists side, an 4in1artists were looking perfect in their modern and flirty costumes, which were supported by an engaging make-up and hair. The costumes were made in our atelier in Bratislava, so we were sending all the pictures of designs to choreographer residing in Prague. She was consulting it here with Ewa Farna herself. We sewed a made-to-measure silver and black rollnecks and we had also cut some overalls to body, which was a huge success in Ewa’s view, so we were sending some more of them to Prague, a few days after fitting.

NeonHeads.com_Ewa Farna_10 yeats on scene_concert

And when the evening of the most expected concert of Ewa Farna came, everything was perfect! Dancers did their best and had an amazing experience to share the stage with such superstar like Ewa Farna clearly is. Of course, not only 4in1artists had a night of their dreams. Ewa declared, that it was also the night of her own dreams. She had no words, how perfect everything, including emotions and atmosphere, was.


Thank you Ewa Farna, her team and 4in1artists for making all the dreams come true and for making really wonderful memories for so many Ewa Farna‘s fans.

NeonHeads.com_Ewa Farna_10 years on scene_concert


Source of pictures: Ewa Farna’s Facebook page, #4in1ARTISTS

John Neon

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