NEON crew: Artist Manager Zuzana Čulen

NEON crew: Artist Manager Zuzana Čulen

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Zuzana or Zu, as everybody calls her, has became a new part of NeonHeads Worldwide crew, as our new Artist Manager.

When you meet Zu for the first time, the first thing you will probably notice is that she is really an energetic and optimistic person. Everything comes from her heart, where she’s got, except her beloved children, space for dance and performance. Dance and movement are so important to her that she decided to establish a dance school with her dance partner, couple of years ago. The EGZ Company, dance school for children became a place that Zu truly loves and is passionate about. It’s also a place, where she can and want to invest her time and energy. Another place where she is developing her creativity is the Pierre Lang company, where she works as a fashion stylist.

We, at NeonHeads Worldwide, are very pleased to welcome such a talented individual as Zu. We are enjoying having Zu on our team, not only because Zu is true professional, but because we know, that all she does, she is doing with enthusiasm and a good energy. All this, without any doubts means a kind of a creative movement for her.

Zu, we believe in your ideas, creative mind and huge passion for doing what you love. We wish you an amazing ride with NeonHeads Worldwide.

Zuzana’s favorite performance are those with LED hula hoops : ” I love all the lights, the acrobacy often included in the peformance, and just the overall atmosphere you can only create with a great LED hoops show”



John Neon

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