NEON crew: Event Entertainment Specialist Tereza Uhliarová

NEON crew: Event Entertainment Specialist Tereza Uhliarová

Tereza_Uhliarova_NeonHeads Worldwide_Event Entertainment Specialist


I am 25 years old master graduate of Fashion and Luxury Brand Management at Istituto Marangoni in Milan with 3+ years experience in PR, marketing, branding and events. I have started my career as a Marketing Coordinator and later joined Bonder & Co, a luxury villa rental, concierge and events company in Spain, as a PR & Events Manager. This experience has brought me to NeonHeads Worldwide, where I am taking care of my UK and Asian clients by creating the perfect event entertainment for their events and pursuing new NeonHeads’ plans and projects.

I am very friendly person who loves to socialize, meet new people and travel. I am obsessed with lifestyle magazines and blogs and I am constantly following new trends in fashion, style, design and technology, which also helps me to stay on top of new trends in the entertainment industry.

I’m  really into Circus themes right now, either glam or vintige. It’s very special and alluring when pushed to another level with various circus characters, cool costumes and mesmerizing shows.”


John Neon

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