NEON crew: Head of Logistics Peter Šopinec

NEON crew: Head of Logistics Peter Šopinec


Peter- the head of HR and Logistics in NeonHeads Worldwide, who has been part of the team behind and 4in1ARTISTS for 7 years now. His first connection with the company was in June 2009, when he wished to become a supervisor. However, there very few obstacles in the communication and so, one day he decided to contact the CEO – Petra Marko Navarro herself to ask what he has to do to get a chance to become part of the team. Till today, Peter went through different positions and therefore, knows the company very well. He started as a supervisor at events, occasional runner, later on he added to his job description cashier, which later on was connected to all important aspects of accounting. Not only he has a strong knowledge in his field, but can connect with all the 4in1ARTISTS on both professional and personal level and become a person they can relate to. His current position – Manager of Logistics is a combination of all his previous job experiences from NeonHeads.

And why he enjoys to be part of NeonHeads Worldwide? ” I like that NeonHeads is a progressive and dynamic company with big goals and big plans for the future.”

Do you have question for Peter? Contact him at

John Neon

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