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Future means space for an imagination and creativity in many aspects. Nobody knows what future holds, but nearly everyone used to imagine it as an age of a super modern and technically advanced civilization. Flying cars, futuristic and modern buildings, pills for every disease, immortality,… this is what we are probably imagining our future will look like

At NeonHeads Worldwide we love super-modern innovations, as well as fusion of art, fashion and tech. So, because we are constantly moving forward, we are creating unprecedented made-to-measure events for our clients today with the vision of tomorrow.

Recently, we have enjoyed a creation of a futuro oriented event for Hyundai, which is super progressive, when it comes to tech and design. Exactly that was the idea of a whole event, where the newest cars and technologies of Hyundai have been presented. Exquisite choreography for Hyundai by Gabika Vengrinovičová included cyborgs riding on hoverboards and a climbing through the car. Artists were incredible and the whole emotion of performance was breathtaking. That’s why we love futuristic entertainment so much!


And now, when you know, how much we love exciting connections of tech and art, you will understand how happy we are, that Ivana Kaňovská became a new member of our team. Ivana took us by her incredible designs, which connect every aspect of future – futuristic and modern designs, colors and emotion itself. Her eye-cathing tailor-made models are true art pieces. And we can’t wait to attach them to our artist‘s wardrobes and use them for example for your event, too.


The future is now, in NeonHeads Worldwide. We are ready to bring every single of your visions to life. Are you looking for futuro styled artists, perfect performance and unforgettable atmosphere of future? Head to www.neonheads.com or contact john.neon@neonheads.com so we can plan an amazing FUTURISTIC event.


John Neon

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