Why event entertainment is a must.

Why event entertainment is a must.

The perfect event Entertainment is as important as the menu selection or the color of your tablecloth. In the long run people are going to remember what made them laugh, cry or stop for a moment. “By some estimations, 61% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that delivers custom content.” (source – Tarproduction.com) And today in the world where everything is moving so fast and people already have experienced almost everything, it’s important to catch their attention. Entertainment from NeonHeads Worldwide gets the special attention from the audition by presenting stunning shows for their clients. And here are the reasons why:

  • NeonHeads.com_Countries_OfficesProfessional collaboration

Top notch international management team, offices in more than 10 countries, experienced artists managers, supervisor always present at your event to make sure everything goes smoothly from the beginning of the event to the very end is very important and necessary.

  • Memorable experience

Good entertainment, as every piece of art, needs to be shown at the right time in the right place. It brings the quickest connection between potential costumer and provider. Whether you try to get your message across through gala night, concert, sport event or fashion shows, NeonHeads Worldwide offers you tailor-made shows that will fit perfectly to your event´s theme, our models can welcome your guests, we can produce creative and fun photo booth, original Hi-Tech Shows, breath-taking aerial acts and much more.


  • To make people feel special

Who does not like to feel special? We have acrobats, promoters, models and dancers that are going to make your audience stop breathing or leave goose bumps on their arms from excitement. You need to find something that you know is going to fit your audience and is going to push boundaries of entertainment. A well performed entertainment is always good investment for your client, because it helps the audience to create an emotional bond with their brand. And let’s face it, that kind of bond is priceless.

  • Add a touch of class

When your guests are all dressed up and are ready for an amazing event, they always expect to experience something that they can talk about for many and many years to come and everybody are going to be jealous that they weren´t on that party, too. How? Put something special on every seat, some chocolate or present from your company on every seat. Also don´t over decorate room and tables because nobody likes glitters on their new dress. Make sure that there is always going to be something in the room that will catch your guest’s eye – some movements like aerial hoops entertainment or interactive led screen performance. You can also use artist around your venue as living statues, to welcome guests or take cool pictures in the photo booth – all fun ways to interact with your audience, make them laugh and feel more relaxed in the beginning of the whole event and on breaks – you don´t want them to get bored.


  • It breaks the ice

The beginnings of event might be little bit stiffed as not all guests know each other, don’t feel comfortable on the dance floor. That is where entertainment comes. Our artists help to break the ice on the dance floor, create an event atmosphere people want to talk about and much more.

Many times with entertainment on events guests/costumers are going to get more interaction between each other when they are going to tell the person next to them how they liked the dancer’s dresses, cyborg´s hair or the design of Aerial Cube performance in the middle of the venue.

  • Promotes your brand on social media 

With all the colors, beautiful costumes, videos, live streams and original ideas on pictures and hash tags is your Instagram profile going to look just awesome. Every social media has an algorithm. For example Instagram´s mysterious algorithm that among other factors is showing the best content to the most people, has many factors. Of course the most important is engagement – how popular the post is (likes and comments on the post), timeliness – how recent the post is, relationships – the accounts that you are regularly interacting with and many many more. With all this your brand can embrace branded entertainment and use it as a highly effective marketing tool to strengthen your brand culture and make your company stand out even just with posts on Instagram or other social media. It is important to understand, however, that branded entertainment naturally follows in the footsteps of content marketing, and that to get it right you must first embrace the latter if you haven’t done so already.



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John Neon

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